Lefty’s Bagels


Lefty’s bagels are BAGELICOUS!

We are operating only on Saturdays until further notice. Sales start at 9am until bagels run out.

Pre-order sales have been discontinued while we continue to ramp up our production and are able to provide equal service to all our customers.

Lefty’s Bagels are small batch Artisan New York style hand formed bagels made with only the highest quality ingredients, and baked with love. Most of our products are vegan friendly* and peanut/tree nut free**, made with all kosher ingredients***.

Bagels are meant to be eaten as soon as possible. Store in an air-tight plastic bag or container for no longer than 24-48hrs. Freeze in sealed bags for longer term storage.

* some ingredients used can be substituted with prior notification
** items do not contain peanut/tree nuts, but are made in a facility that may contain nuts
*** items are not certified by the Vaad