Everything about a Lefty’s Bagel is unique.

Each bagel is rolled by hand using a time honored family recipe in small batches. Using only the highest quality ingredients we truly bake each bagel with love. Our bagels take a full day to make and are slowly proofed overnight. Made in the classic New York style, using certified kosher ingredients each bagel is boiled and then baked on traditional burlap topped wooden bagel-boards. Lefty’s is an artisan bagel with a wonderful soft, ever-so-slightly chewy center, and a deliciously crunchy crust.

“It all started several years ago when I began making bagels at home for my family and close friends. I’d usually post a few photos on Facebook and everyone always loved the bagels and wanted to try them, and of course when they would ask for more… Every time I’d make a batch I would make extra to give away to neighbors, friends, etc. Things basically all took off from there; I honed in on own my recipe over time and bagel making became a true passion of mine. When I found the Bakers Hub and joined forces with my brother in law Doug Goldenberg, who also has a passion for bagels as well as a professional food service background; we came up with a plan for Lefty’s Bagels. My wife Jenny is just thrilled I’m no longer making a mess in our kitchen!” – Owner, Scott Lefton

Lefton making a batch of Bagels in The Bakers Hub